Working with the newly appointed CEO of a Social Justice charity, our brief was to turbo charge the connection of this global leadership team. The new CEO came from a very different background to the team and was seen as a very different type of hire. Within his first 90 days, the plan was to bring the team together for the first time and create an impactful experience that left them wanting more. Having had little investment in their own personal development, it was important to create a psychological safe space to set the tone for this team going forward.

What we did

Analyzed and changed mindsets and behaviours

  • We gave the team an insight into mindset and behaviours to help identify the individual strengths of each team member
  • We created a space for the leader to be vulnerable and role model the behaviour that he felt would help the team succeed
  • We encouraged the team to take time out to value and appreciate each other’s strengths
  • We inspired the team to be curious, to connect with those in the team that would complement their own strengths and seek different opinions and views