This UK based charity had an established leadership team and wanted to spend time developing and ensuring that the team were in the “performing” phase of team development. The team had been working together for some time and had recently experienced a session that had left them feeling judged and were nervous about embarking on any future team development sessions.

The CEO asked us to come in and work with the team to create a psychological safe space for the team not to feel judged and where they could give each other feedback, challenge and support each other, with a healthy amount of tension and debate.

What we did

Used Spotlight to identify and adopt behaviours and values

Starting with Spotlight, we looked at the strengths of each team member and created a space that encouraged feedback on each other’s strengths, the celebration of what the team was and acknowledgement of what they weren’t.

The team wanted to adopt a set of behaviours and values and identify what they stood for as a team. As the work developed, with team sessions and 1:1 coaching, what emerged were frustrations that the rest of the business were slow to adapt to recent organisational changes.

We used the spotlight profile of the team and compared it to the rest of the business to understand the disconnect and then used a culture deck to help the team identify the desired behaviours they needed to demonstrate in order to elicit the right behaviours from the business.