As a recently acquired FinTech, the leadership team were phenomenally successful at building a business that disrupted their sector. Their vision, passion and energy was clear and their product was revolutionising the marketplace. Having grown by acquisition, they now found themselves with major investment.

The team themselves were a combination of people who had been there from the beginning and new hires that complemented and added to the existing strengths of this team. The team were tightly-knit and were at different stages of their own personal change curve, the opportunities that the acquisition presented but also some of the challenges. This obviously meant a huge shift for the way they worked, the demands and expectations of the team and a new system in which to navigate.

We were asked to create a space for the team to reconnect, understand themselves better individually but, more importantly, to understand how they were behaving in relation to the change to their business and how the team might be perceived by their employees, and stakeholders. They were spending time and energy holding onto what was.

What we did

Created the right framework

  • We gave the team a common language to talk about their behaviour and to understand what might be driving some of their own behaviour.
  • We spent time with each team member individually to learn more about them and what drove them
  • We spent time with them, as a team, to explore and embed the language of behaviours and mindsets and how this showed up for them as a team
  • We supported them with 1:1 coaching as a follow-up
  • We helped them see how they might be collectively perceived by others