The Science behind what we do


Some of our methods

We use a number of tools that support conversation and reflection. Our go to tool is Spotlight, a personality-profiling tool. Designed with performance in mind and based on the science of psychology, Spotlight is practical, memorable, and relevant to the modern world.

With its origins in the world of elite sport, Spotlight recognises people change when there’s something to be won and lost. It isn’t enough to just understand how we behave, but we also have to consider ‘Mindset’. Put simply, some people are trying to win, whilst others were trying not to lose - with both prove to be successful strategies when applied skilfully.


As a result, Spotlight explores the major dimensions of character based on the properties of the brain-behavioural systems. This includes the basic processes of motivation, learning and emotion. Taking these lessons, Spotlight develops a way of understanding both ‘Behavioural Style’ and ‘Mindset’, combining them into ‘’Performance Preferences”.

Spotlight has been applied with organisations and teams from a wide range of fields, from elite sport to the financial sector, that can be applied in any context, to help people move forwards. Spotlight approaches things slightly differently. It creates a greater understanding of self in order to connect with others. It leaves teams with a common language to continue focusing on adapting and connecting long after we’ve left the room, which results in a sustained impact for your business.

Our coaching approach uses a combination of tools and models that unlock thinking. We will often work at a systematic level that helps generate different perspectives. But we don’t want to give too much away – all our clients are different and we take time to explore your needs and outcomes before we begin.

After all, any coaching, whether that’s team or 1:1, starts with the end in mind: what do you want to be different after our work together and how will we know?

Coaching excellence is a multifaceted pursuit that blends expertise, empathy, and a genuine desire to facilitate transformative journeys. It is a commitment to continuous learning, ethical conduct, and the art of empowering others to achieve their goals and lead fulfilling lives..