What we bring to the party


Our Experience

Our work is built upon years of playing snakes and ladders in organisations: climbing up and down the corporate ladder, experiencing success and knock backs as we went. We noticed how we did our best work when we felt we truly belonged to the team and the organisation.

Our productivity increased, our collaboration and creativity went off the scale, and we got that buzz of being valued and respected for what we bring. We also sadly experienced the opposite: when you feel you don’t quite fit in, your approach and way of thinking wasn’t quite right and how the legacy of those experiences still sit with us.


With experience across multiple sectors, our observations are that people fundamentally want to feel that sense of belonging and that underpins all our work. Key to this is creating a space for thinking, reflection and honesty. We’ve studied our craft, we’ve worked with multiple teams, and the thing that sets us apart is how we create that safe space. We slow you down to speed you up.

We are more than happy to show you our certificates and to send a bio but for us it all starts with the conditions to create the conversation.