Cayman Islands, Cooking, Sunshine, Kent

Claire lived in the Cayman Islands since the age of two and her feet are firmly rooted in the sand. This keeps her grounded and authentic in her interactions with colleagues & clients. She is a NED for two very different companies and enjoys the variation this brings to her coaching experience.

She works closely with the Exco teams, and senior executives, and female founders. Continuously learning and reflecting on her coaching development, keeps her capabilities fresh and innovative.

Claire is a qualified Personal and Business coach with 25 years’ experience in the financial industry both offshore and in London, working within HNW private client advice in the regulated financial industry. She has over 10 years’ experience in the learning, development, supervision and coaching of world class professionals, and has designed award winning Leadership and influencing programmes. Claire is a member of the ICF and attained her ACC accreditation.

As a Spotlight Practitioner, she holds a close focus on psychology when working with clients. Alongside coaching individuals, Claire works with executive leadership teams building on their collective visions, strategies and helps drive true collaboration, effectiveness and develop psychological safety, to create a sense of belonging for all. Claire is also a keynote speaker for Leadership subjects and a Coach Supervisor.


Clients use the following words to describe Claire’s style:

□ Creates an environment that gives space to think

□ Warm & empathic and makes me feel at ease

□ Subtly challenging, balancing strong questions with time to respond – A Loving Boot!

□ Open & honest, so I feel safe to be open myself

□ Impactful in the sessions, completely transformative afterwards

□ A specialist in helping you reframe anything, like switching on a lightbulb

Living in Kent with her husband and two noisy, very active boys, Claire enjoys holidays, particularly with beaches and sunshine. She unwinds by cooking (glass in hand) and balances this with plenty of running swimming and a constant search for a little peace.

“Nurturing Excellence, Fueling Success” - This captures the transformative power of coaching by emphasizing its impact on both performance and personal growth. It reflects the coach’s dedication to elevating individuals to new levels of excellence, resulting in profound and positive changes that extend beyond their professional lives.

Claire Foy, Coach and Director